Immigration Evaluations for U-VISA and Asylum

With 10 years of my work in the community setting. Many of whom were immigrants striving for a better life in this country.  I often found myself inspired by families willing to sacrifice everything for their children’s future.  With excitement I now am able to serve these families by offering support with their path towards citizenship. I am able to complete evaluations for those seeking citizenship through the following: Hardship waivers, Extreme hardship waivers, Asylum Refuge, U- VISA, T- VISA.  Providing support for families of Latin, Caribbean, African, South Asia and Europe.   Professional certified interpreters when necessary and can offer expedited request as well.

My rate is $600 which includes a consultation with lawyer, draft copy for review and then 2 final copies with a turnaround time of 2 weeks. I have a CV available upon your request. You can request further consultation or contact me directly to schedule 910-222-8169.

immigration evaluation
Photo by Bryce Barker on Unsplash