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Are you of the ache deep down in your soul preventing you from engaging in your relationships, work and life? Or are you a frustrated parent feeling as though none of your efforts are working to get your child to be successful? Take charge of your life in ways you never imagined. You are capable of attaining positive changes in your relationships, physical health, emotional health and spiritual fulfillment.

I have 13 years of experience working in non-profit and mental health agencies that provide services to children, youth, and families.  My specialization is in supporting couples with reconnecting in their relationships. Currently providing premarital counseling helping couples divorce proof their marriage by setting the right foundations for success. Expertise in supporting couples with infidelity recovery.

Spent many years working with military service members, veterans and their families for many years. A few examples of the assistance to these families are: pre/post deployment, divorce/separation, PCS move adjustment.  As a military child and spouse I personally am very passionate about supporting families who sacrifice daily for our Country.

This is a place for learning, growth and if needed encouragement to seek treatment. Success in counseling should result in responding to life in more productive and empowering ways . With my support, you can learn to live life peacefully.

Therapy for Black Girls