Four Tips for Getting through Depressed mood caused by Winter

• Get Physical- Our mental health and physical health are interconnected, thus addressing one will improve the other. We may be tempted to spend more time indoors due to harsh winter weather, making it more challenging to remain physically active. Push yourself to increase your activity and take advantage of natural mood enhancing hormones. This can be an opportunity to try something new. Here are a few trendy fun activities: indoor rock climbing, soul cycling, and aerial fitness.

• Improve your stress management. With winter comes the holidays and without question stress can also be found. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Stay organized, use a calendar or planner to avoid to many obligations. Set boundaries; if it does not bring you joy then do not keep it in your life.

• Re-define “Soul” or “Comfort” food- I ask every last one of my clients about their diet. Why? Remember that thing I said about mental and physical health, still true. What you fuel your body with can determine your mood and how you think. Pay attention to the impact that your food choices have on these areas in your life by using a food tracking app. Also notice the timing of your meals. After tracking for two weeks identify where your improvements are needed.

• Travel South or add a supplement- People living above the equator are more likely to experience depression related to weather. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition in which someone with otherwise stable mental health experiences depression during winter months. A decrease in exposure to sun is largely attributed to this condition. Try traveling to a warmer climate if possible, to give you a little boost. You can also invest in a sunlight lamp that mimics natural light.

• Seek help. If you attempt all the above, make an appointment to speak with your doctor. Your doctor may recommend taking antidepressants to improve your mood during winter months. Even if trying medication include other above tips for the best impact.

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