Couples Counseling 101

People involved in long term relationships most likely will agree that challenges are to be expected. There are no perfect people, therefore there are no perfect relationships. Couples counseling will enable you to resolve past issues and prepare you for future challenges.  You should be prepared to commit to 6-8 sessions in order to learn new skills and see lasting improvement in your relationship. Having the realistic expectations can help create a more effective therapeutic experience. Here is what you should expect from couples counseling.

Couples counseling is:

  • Neutral
  • Structured
  • Educational
  • A way to grow as a couple
  • Making changes to improve the relationship
  • Owning up to your own mistakes (each person has contributed to the relationship’s problems)
  • Forgiveness

Couples counseling is not:

  • About proving who’s right and who’s wrong
  • Professionally ganging up on your partner
  • “Fighting it out”
  • Making yourself happy at the other’s expense
  • Forcing the other person to change
  • Proving the other person wrong
  • Blame